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Hiring the Weaver – Prices

These prices are meant as a general model, so you can easily check if hiring Weaver of Worlds as your Dungeon Master is right for you.

If you don’t find what you’d like to hire Weaver of Worlds for in this list, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.

Hiring a Game Master

Hire Weaver of Worlds as your Game Master. Whether by chat, E-mail or online tabletops like Roll20 or FoundryVTT. The prices are per participant, if not stated otherwise.

By chat/E-mail


  • Playing a Campaign by E-mail or chat, e.g. in Discord. This includes at least one daily post by Weaver of Worlds, as well as setting up the channel, dicebots, etc. Either by a specific system or free-form.



  • Playing an online Tabletop Roleplaying Game, for instance via Roll20 of FoundryVTT. Includes setting up the module, scheduling and preparations.

Help for Roleplaying

If you are a GM yourself but are unsure about how to approach certain issues or want to elevate your abilities to the next level, this is the category for you. Weaver of Worlds can answer most of your questions in regards to Roleplaying.

Coaching for Storytellers


  • Ask Weaver of Worlds anything. How do I prepare a campaign? What do I do if two players disagree on something? How do I tell a good story? Asking a professional Storyteller these questions will get you valuable insight you can use to become a better GM yourself.

Character Creation


  • If you need help in creating your character, this offer is for you. Includes rulebook-related issues as well as working out a story for your character. Should your GM not be satisfied with the initial result, reworking the character to suit their criticism is free.


Your character deserves a rich, detailed background story. This is where these services come in.

Character Background Story


/Standard Page
  • Weaver of Worlds will write a detailed background story for your Player or Non Player Character. Includes research and corrections based on your feedback.

Worldbuilding: On Request

Weaving a World is a big task. This service can either improve on your existing world or build a new one from scratch,

specifically made for the tone and scenario you want to play. Since this process is unique every time, contact Weaver of Worlds with your idea or wish and ask for a price estimate.